Island Mrcara, Lastovo


389760_10150869732193158_812823157_9781806_300076764_nThe Island that you are arriving on is called
Mrcara and it is one of 46 islands and islets that consist the Archipelago of the Island Lastovo.The untouched remarkable nature, rich flora and fauna are reasons that this area is proclaimed a Park of Nature. Mrcara is the third island in size of the Lastovo archipelago. It covers a total area of 170 hectares with as much as 90 per cent of the area under rich forest and machia (shrubs).One of the most dominant plants is rosemary. Mrcara is 2.5 miles away from Ubli, the only seaport on Lastovo. It’s surrounded with several islands and islets which make you feel like you are on a lake isolated from civilization.

Visitors and fans of the Robinson – type of tourism are entiIMAG0605ced by this uninhabited island and cleanliness of the sea. Keeping in mind the preservation of nature, we offer special accommodation – a reconstructed old house and three new cabins by the sea and a dock that’s 50 meters long and 6 meters deep (at the end). Our daily menu offers fresh fish, crabs, shell fish and traditional meat dishes. We are proud of the quality of meat that we provide: goats, chicken, mutton and game. Animals run freely around the island and feed only on grass. You can enjoy your meal in our restaurant overlooking the sea. Our guests are very impressed by the pure organic taste of our food and very often they enjoy being included in the preparation of our traditional dishes.

Scuba Diving & FishingThere is no electricity on the island. We use aggregate as needed. There is a freshwater pond in the middle of the island so we are able to grow our own vegetables.

a31Rainfall is the main source of water on the island, which is collected in two wells and used for cooking and washing (soft water) For drinking, we offer bottled water, mineral water, excellent home made red and white wine, beer and domestic aperitifs – special domestic brandies: “travarica” (herb brandy), “orahovica-(walnut brandy ) and grappa. We accept only cash payment.

Airsoft & FitnessIn Croatia we have a proverb “a picture says more than a thousand words”, so please click on the site “accommodation” to get more information and view more pictures.

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Are you ready for the ultimate adventure of your life?

Our Adventure Team has prepared few activities that will bring your body & spirit back to shape thru our BOOT CAMP activities…get rid of stress, urban rush, addiction to smartphones and social networks, tons of useless news bombing us from everywhere, billions of e-mails that you need to answer in 1 hour…ARE YOU READY FOR ULTIMATE ADVENTURE OF YOUR LIFE…???

Summer 2015. on our adventure island…BRING IT ON…!!!




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Pansion Guests

If you want to run away from a hectic town life, rest in the full meaning of the word and fill up your batteries, come to Mrcara. It is an ideal place for leisure and enjoyment almost isolated from civilization. Continue reading

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If you are looking for safe port and secure moorage, we have an ideal place for you – the island of Mrcara in Lastovo archipelago. The dock is 50 meters long and 6m deep and the water is sufficient to provide secure moorage. IMAG0602The cove is sheltered from all weather conditions except the stormy south wind (Sirocco) in which case the cave on the opposite side would be a better choice to stay. Mooring is free for our guests who are coming for lunch or supper.

More details HERE

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Scuba Diving & Fishing

Take a dip in the crystal blue water of Lastovo archipelago and discover the enchanting, rich world of the sea bottom. Coral, algae, fish and shell fish, old boat wrecks, amphoras, the sea is a treasure not only for harpoon fishermen but also for those who simply delight in exploring the depths.292618_10150869739803158_812823157_9781853_1684181018_n Continue reading

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Scouts & Campers

Mrcara is an ideal place for free spirits. Thick forest of pine and dense macchia covers 170 hectares of area. The island is an important habitat of numerous animal species (lamb, goats, pheasant, chicken, rabbits, dormice, lizards and insects). l2 Continue reading

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